tracksystems | works : MySQL Oracle database development system design performance tuning optimization

Development of Systems

Development of DB Administration Client Applications
- Development of Windows & iPhone/iPod touch applications for MySQL database server administration (client application)
- Development of original middleware to connect MySQL
Environment / Languages: MySQL, iPhone, VC++, Objective C

TRACKSYSTEMS’ product: DB Tracklayer
Development of an Apache Module
- Development of a module that works on Apache2
Environment / Languages: Apache, C, MySQL
Development of a POD System For a Governmental Corporation
– A POD system of qualification certificates for a governmental corporation
Environment / Languages: Web system with Flex and MySQL
Development and Management of Production Control Systems For Small Businesses
- Production control systems for small-scale plants
Environment / Languages: C/S systems with Delphi and Oracle(MySQL、PostgreSQL)

A Presentation System Interlocked With Industrial Robots For Exhibition
Environment / Languages: Soraris, Oracle, PL/SQL, csh, awk

Design & Development of Websites

Techincal Support of Building an Official Website For an University
- Support building an infrastructure of open source system based development on Solaris
Environment / Languages: Solaris, MySQL, PHP, Xoops
Builiding of an Official Mobile Website for an University
Environment / Languages: Solaris, MySQL, PHP, HTML
Building of a Website For a Tipped-saw Manufacturer
Environment / Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress
Design and Development of DB Administration Client Application Product Site
Environment / Languages: RHEL, MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress

Database Maintenance & Consultings

DB and Batch System Migration of Physical Distribution and Sales Management System For a Cellular Phone Wholesale Company
Environment / Languages: Solaris, RHEL, Oralce, PL/SQL, csh, awk
Designing of Operation and Maintenance Manual For an Airline Company In-house CMS Website
Environment / Languages: RHEL, Oracle
Techincal Support of Building DB For a DVD Rental Company Website
Environment / Languages: RHEL, MySQL, perl
Building, Migration, Tuning and Other Support For DB Servers
Environment / Languages: Oralce, MySQL, MS SQL-Server, MS Access, Paradox