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» Introduction to The iPhone Programming

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This is Takabo writing.
I’m in charge of various kinds of programming.
This is my first time appearance in the blog.

Well, Shacho assigned me to develop a software for iPhone and handed me mac book and iPod touch, all of a sudden….
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» The World of 32×32

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I’m working on icon design now, and actually this is the first time I do such a thing. So I took this opportunity to have another look at the design of famous applications.
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» My First MAC

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This is しゃちょー(Shacho) writing.
Planning to write about technology tips I got interested in and some daily miscellaneous thoughts of mine.
But I’m not going to refer to the nature.
In fact it’s just practice of writing long sentences on PDA.

Well, recently, as I needed to know it’s archetecture for developing, I touched MAC seriously for the first time in my life. “Read more…”

» Launching a New Project

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I wrote so as today’s topic, but um… where should I start?
Well then, let’s start with something about when I wrote the project proposal for launching the project DB-Tracklayer, the one we are working on now. “Read more…”

» The First Day

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This is an editing test.

The first thing I was surprised at after arriving at a neighboring country of Japan was the scenery on the highway. I was looking out of the window…

Ans saw a three wheel bicycle running in the reverse direction!
On the highway?!
Are they maintenance workers?
Even if so, it surely is dangerous.

Why does everyone just dodge and get out of their way? Is this something normal???