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» Indexes Except Primary Dissapper When Importing The Output Of mysqldump

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Shacho who’s sensitive to heat, writing.
It is extremely hot in Summers in Tokyo.
I’d like to ask everyone to cool off the air around them.
Although, it’s not Summer yet.

Well, let’s start talking about MySQL, little by little.
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» How To Access External MySQL DB Servers on WindowsMobile

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This is Takabo@programmer.
In the last post, I wrote about how to access external MySQL server on iPhone, and this time is that of WindowsMobile version.

Roll was writing a similar article…but um maybe it’s just my imagination.
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» iPod Touch & iPhone (desire for wealth)

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This is しゃちょー(Shacho) writing.

たかぼー(Takabo) has also written.
This time is Smart Phone Series No.2, iPod Touch & iPhone
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» How To Access External MySQL DB Servers on iPhone

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To realize DB-Tracklayer iPhone version (a MySQL client application for iPhone)
I recieved a new mission from Shacho
“Go, build a library to access external MySQL DB servers on iPhone!”.
(※ lines are partly exaggerated)

Access Library… It means just bitter parts (exchange of data), no sweet parts (GUI, animation etc.) at all.

AND, if we could not realize this, it means the project of the iPhone itself will go into the dumper.
A sillent pressure..

It surely is a weighty responsibility.
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» Screen Design in Progress

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After launching the project, しゃちょー(Shacho) was quite busy, and after a while, I started to work on the design for buiding a website.
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