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» The Chinese Version of iPhone: No.2

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It’s about a month and a half since the Chinese version of iPhone was released.

china iPhone ad

china iPhone ad

Now we can see ads everywhere.

According to the news last week (, the Chinese version of iPhone sales quantity reached 100,000 in total. But compared with population ratio, kind of moderate growth??

As I wrote “Next time is about gray-market iPhones” in the last post, I guess I got to mention something about it.
Shuihuo in Chinese, translated gray-market in English. Sounds suspicious, though, it seems like they are not always fake. They also include genuine iPhone of other countries. But there are also fake ones.
Well then, foreign versions of iPhone that I saw.
1, US version. Was on sale. Um… I thought US version is not SIM free…?
2, Hong Kong version. Also on sale. Maybe the largest in number. This one is SIM free and expensive than US version.
3, Taiwan version. A sales attendant recommended me this one when I was looking for a dual SIM cell terminal. SIM free and dual SIM. Sounded really nice, but I thought that one was sold too cheap and bit suspicious, and I already have iPod touch, so…I just passed it up.
4, Japanese version. I’m not sure if I should include this one..It was not on sale. I just saw a Japanese using it.

By the way, recently I see ads of China Mobile OPhone very often.

» The Chinese Version of iPhone

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The official Chinese version of iPhone was released on October 30th.
The prices are;
iPhone3G 8GB RMB4999, iPhone3GS 16GB RMB5880, iPhone3GS 32GB RMB6999 at Apple Store (of course call charge not included)
And iPhone3G 8GB RMB5999, iPhone3GS 16GB RMB6999, iPhone3GS 32GB RMB7999 at China Unicom with prepaid call charge included “Read more…”

» Mixed MyIsam/InnoDB Transactions on MySQL

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This is Shacho writing.
Well, I’ve promoted our product for a while, so let’s talk about something else now, a funny thing I’ve noticed while developing DB Tracklayer.

Mixed MyIsam/InnoDB Transactions on MySQL

“Read more…”

» DB Tracklayer for MySQL with iPhone, Released!

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This is Shacho writing.
Long time no see, again?

In the last post, I’ve mentioned that we’ve applied ‘DB Tracklayer for MySQL with iphone’ to the Apple’s application review,
and one day, without any notice, it was released ‘for Sale’.
We made it, release!

So, I’m gonna highlight some selling points of DB tracklayer.

To put it simply, it is MySQL client application for DBA.
I’ll list main features below.

  • Features for MySQL
  • Can connect to MySQL servers to browse and edit DB structures or data
    • DB: list
    • Table: list, structure, data
    • View: structure
    • Procedure/Function: structure
    • Trigger: structure
    • Event: structure
  • Display various information of MySQL without inputting SQL
    • Server information
    • System variables
    • Status
    • User connection
    • User privileges
    • Log (available when outputting log to a table on 5.1)
  • If you are familiar with creating SQL sentences, you can execute almost all SQL sentences with SQL editor
    • Has a little assist function for input
    • Has lists that cover almost all keywords
  • Features for iPhone
  • Implements multi column grid control system, which standard development environments don’t have.
  • Customized Mac version MySQL Connector for cocoa touch

Selling points are like this.

It’s kind of self-applause…, but the actual application that we’ve made is really useful than I’ve expected. I use it to check Variables and Status even when I’m using the PC.
And it’s really nice that we can easily check general_log and slow_query_log.
Well, talking of browsing information such as Table data, there are other applications for iPhone, and maybe it’s better to see on… than on iPhone, right?

Any MySQL DBAs, who have iPhone or iPod touch, I really recommend you to try this.

DB tracklayer for MySQL with iPhone is FREE!
For the detail, visit

Than, see you soon again.

» Finished! An iPhone version DBA tool, DB Tracklayer!!

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This is Shacho writing.
Long time no see?

Well it’s not really finished, but I’m going to show you little by little.

DB Tracklayer for MySQL with iPhone!!

“Read more…”