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» A great review of DB-Tracklayer in a Korean blog

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This is Shacho writing.

Recently, when I was looking through how DB Tracklayer is being recognized on search engines, I found a website that gives a pretty detailed review.
A blog of sbpyun from Korea.

Written in Korean, maybe people in other countries won’t have a chance to have a look, so we translated it. Let me introduce you.
sbpyun! Thank you for the wonderful review and generously allowing us to reprint the article.

sbpyun’s Blog(

Below is the translation of the Blog.
Post address:

Connect from iPhone to MySQL and send queries and control.

It seems like iPhone is receiving more and more reputation.
This Thursday morning at dawn, I’m going to introduce you a powerful iPhone application, DB Tracklayer, created in Japan.

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» DB Tracklayer on iPad

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Hi. Long time no see.

Well, Penguin had mentioned in this Blog the other day about Apple tablet PC (I feel a little weird to call it a tablet), and iPad was finally announced officially.
It’s difficult to tell if the product was as expected or was not, but I think it is a gadget with some kind of hidden attraction.
Foreign dramas specialized in IT such as CSI or 24 have these kind of handheld tools for communicating strategies, and I thought some day it really would be like that.
Well, those tools in the dramas always have a screen that cannot help me think “What kind of OS is that?!”.
(Why is it that there are always some text scrolling on the screen??)

By the way, I tried our DB Tracklayer on the iPad supporting iPhone SDK 3.2beta simulator.
And, yeah, it worked, of course.

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» Cannot display Korean on the diff tool?

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When I create a website, including DBT’s, I use Dreamweaver as an editor, of course. Though, when we need to edit the pages or if there are multiple editors (especially, as our site is multilingual one there are also translators), if we forgot to check the integrity of the remote files and the local files, it would be a disaster.
(I have once overwritten the script for the mail form that the other one have implemented without knowing. I got informed that something’s wrong with the mail form and then finally realized what I’ve done. )

To avoid such a case, um, of course not just for this reason, but Dreamweaver DO have a diff tool function to get the difference of the remote’s and local’s!!

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» Did you see the news of Apple tablet PC?

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A happy new year!
Um… bit late for this greeting?

Well, I saw a video on the French blog that is said to be a fake of an Apple tablet PC today. If that is true, I think it’s just what we’ve imagined a decade ago as “A something to get some information such as online catalogs, that should be in the ordinary family life in the near future”.
Something we saw in comics or films.

I guess it’s targeting somewhere iPhone is not enough but notebooks are too much.
I suppose the users are as the image above, not a user of PC or mobile or netbook. It’s appealing to such demographic.
I’d like to recommend it to elderly people.

Though one thing is a little bit regrettable as I personally like keyboards as an input unit, it must be very suitable for net shopping and the like.
It must be also useful in the business scene, but I guess it’s mainly for consumers.
The prevailing of iPhone is a product of the various applications it supports. I guess tablet PC will also inspire new ideas, that are different from those of iPhone, and create new usage.

Price is said to be under $1000, how much do YOU think is worth buying?

» Testing with JMeter

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A few days before, I used JMeter for the other project.
Shacho told me “The one we are working on now, I’d like to use the tool called JMeter for load test, so can you check the usage?”. But I haven’t even heard about the name of the tool and felt like “????”, started research on the WEB with complete confusion.
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