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» Use DB Tracklayer via SSH

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Hi, this is Shacho.

To celebrate the release of DBT iPhone version 1.5 and Android version 1.5, I’m going to start a series of useful usage of DBT from today.
Now you cannot say DBT is not good enough for business use!

Series No. 1: Use DB Tracklayer via SSH

Someone once pointed out that he cannot use DBT as it dosen’t have SSH connection function, so he reckon it has a security problem.

The answer to this doubt is clear.
We already have excelent SSH client applications, then why don’t we just use them to make a tunnel?
It’s the same as when we perfrom tasks over command line using a terminal on a PC.

This time I’m going to use “iSSH”, an excellent SSH client application, as a sample to explain how to use DBT via SSH tunnel.

* This method requires a SSH client to be runnig background, so it requires iOS4.0 or later.


1. Settings to connect to a server via SSH with iSSH

2. SSH Tunnel settings

3. Connect to a server via SSH

4. Settings to connect from DBT using SSH Tunnel

5. Connected to MySQL!

What do you think?

Now every communication between DBT and the MySQL server is encrypted.
Just as you are performing tasks from PC using SSH, the problem of a communication path should have been resolved.

And also, once you are connected via SSH, it is the same as the terminal are in the server local. So for example, you want to connect as a certain user and the user settings let you connect to MySQL only from localhost (like root user), even though, you also can access from remote.

Although if the SSH connection destination is a stepping stone server, you already are connected to the server via SSH, so you can just set port fowarding on the terminal(on iSSH) and it will be the same.
I will introduce you how to use it when a stepping stone server is set some other time.

OK, now you can use DBT on business, right?
Next post is going to be a report about the most featured function of Ver. 1.5, “Realtime Status” and its usage.

Then, see you.

» DB Tracklayer iPhone version 1.5 released!

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This is Shacho writing.

DB Tracklayer iPhone verion 1.5 was released on March 5, 2011.


From this verision, DB Tracklayer have turned into a paid app with in-app purchase, though, we have added a priceless function for you who work as DBAs.

The most featured function of the DBT 1.5 is “Realtime Status”.

I guess MySQL frequent users execute “Show Global Status” very often to check the MySQL running status.
The former version of DBT also could display the present status of Global and Session from Server Administration – Status.
When I was using the DBT, something I realy wanted was the function to “get status continually and save that into a file”.
When tuning, especially when benchmarking, we check the validity of the settings from the change of its status.
Commonly, we do something like make a shell and repeat it in a certain interval to execute Show Global Status and import the outputted data to a Excel file using a macro.
This is a dreamlike function (for me) to run these steps with just one click.

Well, actually this function was implemented to a Windows version on development from the beginning.
When we noticed that iPhone version is also usable than we expected and there are quite a number of people who download it we started to consider a way to implement the function into iPhone version.

There is no way to get the data out if you save it to a local file on iPhone, so we decided to output the data as a CSV file and attach it to e-mail.
It’s CSV, so you can process it the way you like.

And, the thing we got a really really lot of requests, now DBT supports iPad.

I myself was quite surprised, it’s much more practical on iPad.
Um, it’s sort of self-flattery, but I feel it is possible to administrate DB on iPad.
The iPad version supports both the landscape and the portrait display.
As the keyboard of iPad is quite usable, I cannot help but imagine the scene of typing SQL statements on DBT to perform tasks.

Also, it cannot be seen from outside, but from this version we removed the MySQL dependent code and implemented everything like connecter from scratch.
We have already finished creating the iOS version, the Android version and the Windows version of this connection library and the DB Tracklayer Android version is going to be released very soon.

There is only a paid application for the Android version, though it has quite different image with the iPhone version and we are pretty confident with its quality.
It’s returnable for 15 minutes. Please make good use of this trial period and we wish you like the application so that you just purchase it and do not return.

From the next post, I’d like to introduce you some useful usage of DB Tracklayer.

Well then.

* Ah, it’s tiresome to write in honorifics…

» Motorola Milestone2 A953

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This is Shacho writing.

As I noticed you last time, I’m going to give a report on the package opening ceremony for Motorola Milestone2 which arrived yesterday.

Motorola Milestone2 package

Motorola Milestone2 package

“Read more…”

» motorola DEFY MB525

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Long time no see.

This is Shacho writing.

Last time I introduced you Google’s production, NexusOne. This time I’m going to introduce you Motorola’s DEFY (UK version), the device that attracts quite huge fans.



“Read more…”

» iPad arrived

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Hi, this is Shasho.
Oops, is Shacho. Excuse me.

I had 2 meetings with clients this morning, and when I got back to the office there were two boxes on my desk.
I didn’t get surprised as I knew that they were shipped, but I still could not help being excited.
We got iPad delivered.

Some impressions.

  • I feel it runs faster than iPhone. Especially, scrolling speed is really comfortable
  • I’m not very good at using the keyboard on iPhone, but iPad keyboard is really GOOD. I do feel like typing
  • I bought a Dock together, and it’s also not bad. But I’m afraid it’ll easily fall down & I also worry about the connector part
  • The feeling when I place it on the table with the display upside, guess it’s useful when giving a presentation
  • Use it as a browser on the lap, isn’t it a most powerful Internet environment at home?
  • Switching to landscape mode got smoother a lot
  • No problem to use Skype on the speaker
  • Golgo and those kinds are impressive, quite good!

and so on.. It’s enjoyable gadget.

I feel it will be sort of ‘one for each family’ device.

Our DB Tracklayer also runs on it.
We gotta hurry up to make iPad version.

iPad&Dockスタンド 背面

DB Tracklayer with iPad

Then, see you.